Family of Owen John SHERRING and Hilary Joan SUMNER

Husband: Owen John SHERRING (1936- )
Wife: Hilary Joan SUMNER (1944- )
Children: Andrew SHERRING (1968- )
Matthew SHERRING (1970- )
Rachel SHERRING (1972- )
Marriage 10 Sep 1966 Bristol (St.Mary's - Henbury)

Husband: Owen John SHERRING


Owen John SHERRING, Owen Sherring

Name: Owen John SHERRING1
Sex: Male
Father: Horace William SHERRING (1909-1991)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth BARTLETT (1912-1999)
Birth 9 Jan 1936 Melbury Osmond, Dorset
Occupation Contract Farmer

Wife: Hilary Joan SUMNER


Hilary Joan SUMNER, Hilary Sumner

Name: Hilary Joan SUMNER1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 17 Jan 1944 Bristol (Redland)
Occupation Care Nurse

Child 1: Andrew SHERRING


Andrew SHERRING, Andrew Sherring


Spouse: Phillipa GEORGE, Phillipa George

Name: Andrew SHERRING1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Phillipa GEORGE (1968- )
Birth 5 May 1968 Sherborne, Dorset
Occupation Salesman

Child 2: Matthew SHERRING


Matthew SHERRING, Matthew Sherring


Spouse: Debbie ROLLINGS, Debbie Rollings

Name: Matthew SHERRING1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Debbie ROLLINGS (1972?- )
Birth 11 Feb 1970 Sherborne, Dorset
Occupation Farrier

Child 3: Rachel SHERRING


Rachel SHERRING, Rachel Sherring


Spouse: Neil CROSSLAND, Neil Crossland

Name: Rachel SHERRING1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Neil CROSSLAND (1970- )
Birth 21 Jul 1972 Yeovil, Somerset
Occupation Schoolteacher


1"Family knowledge".