Family of George Inglis HUTCHISON and Dora Irene SHERRING

Husband: George Inglis HUTCHISON (1900-1983)
Wife: Dora Irene SHERRING (1903-1980)
Children: Unknown HUTCHISON ( - )
Marriage May 1930 New Zealand1

Husband: George Inglis HUTCHISON

Name: George Inglis HUTCHISON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1900 Thames, New Zealand
Death 1983 (age 82-83) Henderson, New Zealand

Wife: Dora Irene SHERRING

Name: Dora Irene SHERRING
Sex: Female
Nickname: Renee
Father: Samuel Walter SHERRING (1877-1967)
Mother: Emily Henrietta SAMWAYS (1878-1930)
Birth 1903 Melbury Bubb, Dorset1
Death 1980 (age 76-77) New Zealand1

Child 1: Unknown HUTCHISON

Name: Unknown HUTCHISON
Sex: Male

Note on Wife: Dora Irene SHERRING

Lived in Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand.


Arrived in Ackland, New Zealand from London on the 'Rangitiki' after a six week voyage on the 29th November 1929, for a two-year bonded service to Frank Mappin (later Lord Mappin) and his wife.


1"Warwick Sherring".